Going Green for Spring!

Now that it’s spring, we’re all looking to clean up and get rid of some of the unused items in our homes. This April, the Museum will be collecting electronic devices from the community to recycle – but what about everything else?

Instead of pitching your old things into the garbage can, repurpose them! By repurposing items you’re not only eliminating the amount of waste produced every day, but creating something unique that you can proudly claim as your own.

In the spirit of recycling, I decided to create my version of functional art: a yardstick mirror. This DIY project takes about 30-45 minutes from start to finish – and will be a great addition to your home décor!


What you need:

10-12 yardsticks

Small mirror


Hot Glue Gun

Circular Saw/Hand Saw


Alternatives: Not many people have a dozen yardsticks lying around, so feel free to substitute with comparable items like rulers or scrap wood. Not interested in using a mirror? Use a clock face instead!


How-to Steps:

1. Find an open space to work on your project and lay the yardsticks beside the mirror.

2. Use the size of the mirror to get a scale for your pieces – remember the starburst design does not need to be perfectly symmetrical!

3. Measure and mark a couple of yardsticks for cutting. By using a few sample pieces, you will be able to alter your design and use less wood in the process.

4. Cut your marked pieces. Make sure to take safety precautions when cutting your pieces!

5. Take your cut pieces and arrange them on the floor – use your mirror centerpiece to help visualize the final product.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 as necessary.

7. After you’ve cut all of your pieces, organize them into piles by length for easy access.

8. Assemble your starburst pattern by layering and hot gluing the wood pieces together. Remember to keep your mirror handy for a visual reference!

9. Glue the back of your mirror to the starburst design, let it dry and enjoy!

To mount your recycled mirror, simply attach a bracket to the back and hang it on a nail in your wall. Going green couldn’t be easier or more fun!