2013 Science Recap

Our collective knowledge is constantly evolving – from new discoveries on distant planets to inventions for the smallest cells in our bodies. Here at the Science Museum of Virginia, we have been busy questioning our world and keeping you up-to-date with the most current science stories throughout the year! 

But what are the top 10 breaking science stories of 2013?  Our scientists have selected their top choices – but it’s up to you to help us vote on which is the most important.  The Frankenburger? Talking cockroaches? Wooly Mammoth cloning? Which story will the top the list?!?  Check out the choices and let us know your top pick on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Keep your eyes peeled for the official countdown starting December 22!


Question Your World: Can we bring back the past?

Every living thing on this planet is subject to evolution and extinction. But what happens when we start to advance our technological capabilities and introduce the process of de-extinction


Question Your World: How do you feel about talking cockroaches?

For a long time we have used animals to assist us in living a bit more comfortably. We’re familiar with the use of cows, horses, and dogs…but what about cockroaches?


Question Your World: How far does our solar system reach?

Earth is a long way away from the end of our solar system. There is not one point that defines the end, but there is definitely an end and after traveling for 36 years, Voyager 1 finally made it there.


Question Your World: How do we more effectively fight illness?

Everyone’s familiar with the old fable about the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Well, a similar story is currently unfolding in the medical field and it could have a huge impact on cancer patients.


Question Your World: Would you eat a test-tube burger?

Science and technology have been leading the way for massive changes throughout human history. So, can we more efficiently feed the planet? Can lab-grown food become a standard in our lives? 


Question Your World: Can we print organs?

Modern day printers are pushing the limits of both technology and biological research. So, can they print organs yet? 


Question Your World: New York to Tokyo in just 45 minutes?

A rocket engineering firm is working on a suborbital plane design, the Lynx, which could drastically change the way we travel in the future. This vehicle would be able to take passengers from New York City to Tokyo in just 45 minutes – so who’s up for sushi?


Question Your World: Can we use solar power like trees do? 

The race for the most efficient way to power our planet is happening right now – with options ranging from wind to nuclear to hydro power. So, could we use photosynthesis to power our lives?


Question Your World: Is there water on Mars? 

After years of looking…it turns out that the Curiosity rover has scooped up some soil and identified water! So, what does water on Mars mean for the future? 


Question Your World: How helpful is recovery sleep? 

Life is unpredictable and often shifts our plans around. We catch up on a lot of things, including sleep, but is catching up on lost z's good for you?