6 Times Jeff Goldblum has played a scientist!

Leonardo da Vinci,  Marie CurieAlbert Einstein, and Thomas Edison are just some of the people that have dabbled in more than just one facet of science.  However, no one person has been involved in more science circles than Jeff Goldblum.  Sure, he may not be a real scientist, but check out the amazing amounts of science based careers that he has promoted on the silver screen.


#6 - Cats and Dogs


Ah yes, science helps humanity out in many ways and in this film Dr. Brody is trying to simply rid the world of allergies to dogs.  Jeff Goldblum’s got his work cut out for him though, those cats are not trying to play nice. 



#5 - Powder


Teachers are some of the most important people on Earth.  So, naturally, a science-teacher must be played by an actor that can explore every possible way to deliver the most expressive lines possible!  Jeff Goldblum plays the lovable physics teacher in the 1995 film.



#4- The Fly


Instantaneous teleportation is no easy trick.  This is one of the coolest science related films of all time!  There’s all kinds of science in there ranging from the quantum to the biological, and who better to tackle such experiments than Jeff? 



#3- Life Aquatic


While Steve Zissou is the uncontested hero of this movie, many agree that without Jeff Goldblum’s oceanographer character, Alistair Hennessey, the movie would hold no water. 



#2 - Independence Day


Welcome to Earth everyone!  The only planet home to an actor that can play many scientific roles including this conservation-pushing-tech-loving-chess expert! 



#1 - Jurassic Park


Jeff Goldblum’s chaos theory chatting statistician character, Ian Malcolm,  is one of the most memorable scientists in film history.  So memorable that they brought him back for another dino-filled good time in the sequel, bet even Ian Malcolm would not have predicted that!