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Earth Science

  • Question Your World: Can Climate Change Impact Our Flights?

    From work to vacations and beyond, there are a lot of flights required all over our planet every single day. This means there are hundreds of thousands of planes taking to the air at any given time to get us to our vacation destinations, family, meetings, and whatnot. We are all well aware that the Earth's climate is changing, but can that impact airplanes? Let's dig into today's big question: Can climate change impact our flights?

  • Question Your World: How About this Cold Weather?

    In the event you have not stepped outside in the last few weeks, let me tell you, it's been cold! Recently we experienced a 2-week severe cold snap that began during the last week of December and lasted through the first week of January. Real cold stuff, folks - like 20 degrees below normal (that is, usual) winter temperatures in some VA cities!

  • Question Your World: What are the Stranger Things in Science?

    According to the Neilson ratings, in the first three days of November, 15.8 million people watched the first episode of the Netflix original, Stranger Things! Fictional shows are all well and good, but the science world has some pretty strange facts to offer as well. What are the Stranger Things in science?

  • Question Your World: Did upright walking hominids come from Africa?

    One of the ingredients of humanity is bipedalism or the ability to walk upright on two appendages. For some time now, scientists have been exploring Africa looking for our most ancient ancestors to further the story of human evolution. However, a new discovery is questioning our slow bipedal evolution and raising a huge question: Did upright walking hominids come from Africa?

  • Question Your World: How is Google helping Puerto Rico's communication needs?

    Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico decimated in September 2017. While recovery efforts are underway, the island still faces many challenges to truly get things up and running. Google has offered to help bring the hurricane battered island some help in their communication infrastructure using a pretty awesome approach. How is Google helping Puerto Rico's communication needs?