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Boost! 30 Day Initiative

This summer the Museum has challenged the community to boost their happiness, knowledge, strength and beyond through its newest permanent exhibition, Boost!

With everything from walking a tightrope to composing your own music, Boost! makes improving yourself easy and fun…but how do you keep that momentum in your daily life? By creating our very own 30 Day Initiative, we’ve found a way to continue boosting our summer for those days that you can’t make it to the Museum.

Going Green for Spring!

Now that it’s spring, we’re all looking to clean up and get rid of some of the unused items in our homes. This April, the Museum will be collecting electronic devices from the community to recycle – but what about everything else?

Instead of pitching your old things into the garbage can, repurpose them! By repurposing items you’re not only eliminating the amount of waste produced every day, but creating something unique that you can proudly claim as your own.

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