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How Many Photos Have Been Taken?

Birthday parties, graduations, engagements, and most other milestones in our life get captured by photographs. The camera has revolutionized how we as a species document things, ranging from scientific research to a simple selfie with a friend at lunch. These days most people have access to a camera and the amount of photos we take is getting larger daily. So, how many photos have ever been taken?

How Fast Can Cities Grow?

One of the defining traits of humanity is our social nature. Living and working together has been a large factor in our survival. For thousands of years we've been living together in cities. As technology increases so does the size, scope, and capacity of our cities. So, how fast can cities grow? And how do we study this? 

How Can We Cure Cataracts?

Our eyes are our mind's window to the world. Over time the way our eyes function naturally changes and sometimes it's due to genetics. Among the various conditions that involve the eye, cataracts is one that has received a lot of attention over the years. How can we cure cataracts?


Can We Control Other People's Brains?

Magic show hypnotists and neurologists have at least one thing in common. Both spend a lot of time trying to learn more on how control the brain. For hypnotists, this difficult task involves medallions and soft spoken commands, but neurologists require some pretty mind-blowing technology. A recent study demonstrated how cutting edge technology has been used to begin to answer that age old question, can we control other people's brains? 

What's The Oldest Living Thing On Land?

We humans live to be about 80 years old. In that time we develop, change, and interact with the world around us. Similarly all living things do their own version of that process. For some species that all takes place in a short lifespan, while others take an enormous amount of time. A remarkable species in California puts longevity into perspective. What is the oldest living thing on land?

Can Jurassic World really happen?

In 1993 Steven Spielberg kicked our fascination with dinosaurs into high gear with the first Jurassic Park movie. Since then we've seen many more films, books, songs, and tv shows involving these extinct beasts. Over twenty years later the new movie further enforces our interest in dinosaurs, but could we ever use advancing scientific technology to really bring them back? Can Jurassic World really happen?


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