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Can the ocean power our houses?

While our global population continues to grow, the science community is constantly looking for new ways to meet the energy needs of our booming species. Electric cars, solar plants, nuclear, coal, biomass, and various other options are all important aspects of energy dialogue happening across the globe. We've used the sun, wind, and fossil fuels, but how about the ocean? Can the ocean power our houses?

How are contact lenses changing?

Wearable technology is quite the hot topic for us these days. Basically everything we wear is considered a piece of technology and is prone to upgrades as science and innovation move ahead. This includes everything from shoes to contact lenses. Let's look at some interesting upgrades in the world of wearable technology by asking today's question - how are contact lenses changing?

What could cars of the future look like?

From the Model T to the Prius, cars have gone through some pretty remarkable changes and new ideas are still being presented all the time! Think about the many changes that have happened in function, style, availability, and beyond. These changes will continue to happen as our needs change and the technology industry is going to be right there to keep up with the trends. So, what could cars of the future look like? 

What Will Driverless Cars Do To Cities?

When thinking about cities of the future, we get images of tall skyscrapers, flying vehicles, and robots everywhere. Right? Some of us do, at least. Though that may come true one day, urban planners and technologists are looking at a much closer future. They're looking at driverless cars as a big game changer in how cities work. What will driverless cars do to cities?


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