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Friday, September 7, 2012

Have you ever considered the numbers involved with Halloween? Ever wonder how much is spent on candy for Halloween? Check out this clip and have a Happy Halloween!
Have you ever thought about the numbers surrounding Thanksgiving? How many dollars are spent on turkey? How many pounds of tryptophan is that anyway?
So, The Pats and the Giants are going to square off in one of America's most popular televised sports events, but have you ever considered the numbers behind this game? Lots of flights, tickets, ad time, money for the half time show, and of course chicken wings. Lots and lots and lots of chicken...
From rear view mirrors to disc brakes, the safety and efficiency of race cars has lead the way to many important inventions that make our day to day driving a lot easier!
Though women hold nearly half of all the jobs in the US, they still only hold less than 25% of STEM jobs. The Museum is a place for girls to dream about the possibilities of their future!
Can you design a structure that can withstand gravity? Build a bridge you can cross. Reconstruct the world-famous Roman arches. Stack blocks to form a gravity-defying cantilever. Marvel at the mechanics of pulleys, gears, and other labor-saving devices.
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Play with perception by experimenting with lenses, mirrors, prisms, and light. Walk into a room where children are bigger than adults, then step into an alcove of infinite reflections. You won’t believe your eyes!
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