Live Science

Daily presentations bring science to life! Join us as we freeze a penny with liquid nitrogen, dissect a cow eye and coach our rat basketball teams to victory!

Meet our Rat Basketball team and learn about operant and classical conditioning as you watch two rats play basketball – no, we aren’t kidding.

How do solids, liquids and gases react to extremely cold temperatures? Watch wide-eyed as pennies shatter, balloons shrink and plants crumble. Observe matter change state right in front of you!

Chemistry is at its coolest when put to action! Witness four different types of chemical reactions. See colorful flames, a foam fountain and a rainbow in a tube! Learn the difference between exothermic and endothermic reactions and watch as a colorless liquid solution changes blue once shaken.

Let anatomy amaze you. Observe as an educator dissects a cow eye while explaining its different parts and functions. Can cows see color? Do our eyes change over time? Learn about the eye-brain system by comparing the difference between human eyes and cow eyes.