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Friday, September 7, 2012

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system! Not but a little, but by A LOT! This gas giant is a very intense place filled with massive stirrings and swirling layers of gases. This giant also has 64 moons and a giant storm that has been brewing for centuries!
Humanity has often turned to the skies for cosmic explanations – sometimes leading to amazing discoveries other times leading to bad predictions.
From the makers of junk food and junk mail...comes...SPACE JUNK! Tens of millions of objects floating in orbit around our planet. How did they get there? Can we clean them up? Do the pose a threat to our astronauts or even here on Earth? Come see what our astronomers and TV's Matt Paxton have to...
There sure is a lot of stuff orbiting around Earth! We had to put in a call to clutter cleaner Matt Paxton of TV's "HOARDERS" to help talk the Earth into cleaning up her space! Well, maybe not, but check out this clip to learn about the oh so trashy truth about space junk!
Large enough to hold one million Earths, the provider of nearly all the energy that fuels life here, regulates the temperature, controls the water cycle, and without life on Earth would not be possible. The Sun!
Let your imagination leave this world and travel to other planets! Study an actual moon rock collected by astronauts from Apollo 17 and grasp the properties of aluminum-lithium alloy. Launch a rocket to explore air pressure, climb into a space capsule and blast into outer space.
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From the German word for ball, the kugels are giant spheres of granite that depict features of planet Earth and the Moon. The big one (Earth) weighs 29 tons and rolls with only 33 pounds of pressure per square inch—that’s less pressure than your faucet at home! The Kugels are mounted in...
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

How can we be sure that planet Earth spins on an axis? Léon Foucault knew. His 1851 invention provided science with a simple mechanism for learning about the earth’s rotation. Witness the pendulum in action as it knocks over a peg every 15 minutes.
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Friday, August 31, 2012

Let your imagination travel to astronomical altitudes. Marvel over how the moon’s phases change the night sky. Touch a rock from outer space. Learn how to spot the Big Dipper and discover which stars you can see from your backyard tonight.
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