Want to spend more time at the Science Museum of Virginia? We don’t blame you.

WARNING: side effects of volunteering may include:

  • a life-long love of learning and science
  • development of professional skills and experience
  • stronger community ties

Students, adults and seniors get their science fix by sharing their time and talents with our ever-growing community. Check out our volunteer opportunities below!


Volunteer Opportunities

Science Conductor

Assist guests in Museum exhibits, provide educational support and encourage guests to interact with hands-on activities. Help with demonstrations, classes and labs.

Minimum Age: 14
Qualifications: Enthusiasm for science, good communication skills, comfortable interacting with the public, responsible, patient and flexible. At least two 4-hour shifts per month are required.

Dome Usher

Greet, take tickets, answer questions and assist guests as they enter and exit The Dome. 

Minimum Age: 14
Qualifications: Reliable, comfortable interacting with the public and able to work independently. At least two 4-hour shifts per month are required.

Dome Console Operator

Assist in The Dome with operation of equipment, showing giant screen movies and Cosmic Expeditions.

Minimum Age: 18
Qualifications: Enjoy working with a variety of computer technologies, reliable and on-time, comfortable with public speaking, good at problem-solving and patient with large groups. Must be able to commit to at least 2 months of volunteering. At least one 3-hour shift per week is required.

Exhibit Maintenance Volunteer

Clean and check exhibits, replenish supplies, report repair needs and assist exhibit maintenance staff.

Minimum Age: 16
Qualifications: Independent, willing to work along and responsible. At least two 4-hour shifts per month are required.

Gift Shop Assistant

Assist guests in selecting the best Science Museum of Virginia keepsakes. Receive, ticket and stock merchandise and help keep the sales floor organized.

Minimum Age: 18
Qualifications: Cash register experience needed. Reliable, responisble and enjoys working with the public. Must be able to commit to at least one year of volunteeringAt least one 4-hour shift per week is required.

Group Sales Assistant

Provide patient and friendly service over the phone. Answer general information questions as well as group visit inquiries. Transfer callers to the proper person/department when necessary. 

Minimum Age: 18
Qualifications: Enjoys talking to people and must have excellent communication skills. At least one 4-hour shift per week is required.

Special Events Volunteer

Volunteers are on-call for film openings, lectures, exhibit openings and a variety of other special events. Greet and direct Museum guests, distribute programs and conduct educational activities.

Minimum Age: 14
Qualifications: Comfortable interacting with people of all ages, outgoing, flexible and patient. Ideal for volunteers who cannot commit to a regular schedule. Volunteers sign up for events for which they are available and interested.

Administrative Assistant

Assist behind-the-scence in a variety of departments suhch as Membership, Finance and Human Resources. Help with clerical duties such as filing, assembling packets and mailings, copying and data entry. 

Minimum Age: 18
Qualifications: Responsible, detail oriented, willing to work alone and good computer skills. Able to work on weekdays during business hours. At least one 4-hour shift per week is required.

Camp In Aide

Greet and orient overnight Camp In participants as they arrive at the Museum. Assist teachers and group leaders in presenting hands-on science activities and help in the preparation and cleanup of events.

Minimum Age: 18 to volunteer overnight; 16 to volunteer without spending the night
Qualifications: Enjoy working with large groups of children, energetic, patient and flexible. Approximately 5-6 Camp Ins are held during the academic year; hours are 5:30 pm - 9 am the following morning.