Carpenter Science Theatre Company

The Science Museum of Virginia's very own Carpenter Science Theatre Company provides the magic of theatrical performances, delivered by professional theatre artists, throughout the Museum on a daily basis. Check the daily Museum activity schedule or book a special performance for your group!

Featured Performances:

Shakespeare and Galileo

Humor, mystery and espionage combine forces in this 35-minute play that presents a hypothetical meeting between the famous Bard and the Father of Modern Science.
Script written by Grant Mudge. Recommended for ages 10 and up, approximately 35 minutes. Included with exhibit admission.

Marco Polo’s Adventures

Enjoy a hilarious, action-packed performance that takes you along the historic Silk Road – from Venice, Italy to the mystical land of China. Meet a fun, if not silly, version of Marco Polo and a motley crew of quirky characters as they take you a 5,000 mile long expedition.
Script written by Kimberly Jones-Clark. Recommended for ages 4-9, approximately 20 minutes. Included with exhibit admission.

The Great Tarantula Migration

Twyla, a garden spider in northern Texas, feels her web begin to shake. But, it’s empty! Is it an earthquake? What could it be? Find out who or what has caused such a disturbance in this exciting story telling performance.
Recommended for grades K-5. Approximately 10 minutes in length. Included with exhibit admission.

Galileo's Moon

In this theatrical storytelling presentation, you’ll meet the Father of Modern Science and learn all about his helio-centric universe, and his conflict with the 17th century Vatican. 
Approximately 20 minutes in length and is recommended for grades 5-12.