Science Demonstrations

Let anatomy amaze you. Observe as an educator dissects a cow eye while explaining its different parts and functions. Can cows see color? Do our eyes change over time?

Why does popcorn pop? Does all corn pop? Learn the chemistry and biology behind making this tasty treat.

Chemistry is at its coolest when it's put to action! Witness four different types of chemical reactions. See colorful flames, a foam fountain and a rainbow in a tube!

Meet Rat Team SMV and learn about operant and classical conditioning as you watch two rats play basketball – no, we aren’t kidding.

Animated images of atmospheric storms, climate change and ocean temperature are shown on the sphere, illuminating sometimes complex environmental processes in a captivating way. 

View stunning NASA images of our solar system as you tour through the night sky.

View weather, earthquakes, snow cover, ocean temperature and more in near real time. Find out how scientists collect this data.

Watch the movement of land masses on Earth from 600 million years ago to today as you explore plate tectonics. View volcanic locations and see earthquakes happening in near real-time!

Explore the basic relationships between the Sun and the Earth.

What is Earth’s ultimate energy source?  Follow heat distribution as you investigate ocean currents.  How do scientists monitor the Earth’s atmosphere from space?

See some exciting phase changes using liquid nitrogen! Watch wide-eyed as pennies shatter, balloons shrink and plants crumble.

Learn how scientists make inferences and conclusions based on their observations. Identify objects inside of a box without looking at them by using logic and reasoning.

Is an eggplant a fruit or a vegetable? How about a pepper? See if you are right and learn some delicious chemistry behind cooking some of your favorite plants.