Science Labs

Not available to general public.

Have an up-close encounter with snakes, cockroaches and rats. Explore the special adaptations that these animals and others have to survive.

Explore the concepts of sinking and floating by constructing a “boat” that can support the weight of 50 pennies.

Build a bridge and learn about important concepts that engineers need to consider when designing structures.

Challenge Labs are self-directed experiences where participants team up to tackle "challenges." These activities foster team work and collaboration, innovation, creativity and problem solving.

Quick! An outbreak has occurred. You be the detective. Test to see who is infected and track the progress of the disease back to its source. Explore the science of epidemiology.

Explore states of matter, chemical symbols, atoms, molecules and conservation of matter.

Design a structure that can protect an egg from a two-story drop, while exploring kinetic and potential energy as well as energy transfer.

Which owls are found in Virginia? Study the common habitats, food sources and distinct calls for each type. How does the shape of an owl’s face help them to hear?

How does a rocket work? Uncover the role Newton’s laws of motion play in the basics of rocket science. Discover hidden forces as you attempt to topple a bowling pin!

What are the three main parts to a simple electrical circuit? Find out as you create your own simple circuit! Which materials can be effectively used as conductors?

Can you name the six types of simple machines? Explore how simple machines require less force to move an object. Identify everyday objects as simple machines in a matching activity.

Explore circuits and renewable resources while designing and constructing a solar car using limited resources.

Explore the world of music and the science behind the sounds. Construct a “musical” instrument and learn about resonance, vibration, frequency and pitch.

How does the weather affect you? What tools do meteorologists use to study weather? Learn the symbols used to show rain, tornadoes, cold fronts and much more.

Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of using nonrenewable vs. renewable resources before building your very own working windmill!