Educator's Guide
Flight of the Butterflies Flight of the Butterflies Educator Guide.pdf
Humpback Whales HumpbackWhales_EduGuide.pdf
Activity Sheets
Annotated Student Drawings AnnotatedStudentDrawingsTeacherNotes.pdf
Frayer Model Activity Sheet FrayerModelActivitySheet.pdf
Frayer Model Teachers Notes FrayerModelTeacherNotes.pdf
Jigsaw Level 1 Jigsawlevelone.pdf
Jigsaw Level 2 Jigsawleveltwo.pdf
Jigsaw Track Level Jigsawleveltrack.pdf
K W L is KeWL KWKisKewlTeacherNotes.pdf
Post Visit Questions PostVisitQuestions.pdf
Prediction Prompt: Balanced Wheels PredictionPromptBalancedWheels.pdf
Prediction Prompt: Beach Ball Blower PredictionPromptBeachBallBlower.pdf
Prediction Prompt: Bell Ringer PredictionPromptBellRingers.pdf
Prediction Prompt: Bike Gears PredictionPromptBikeGears.pdf
Prediction Prompt: Lifting 100 pounds PredictionPromptLifting100pounds.pdf
Prediction Prompt: Pendulum PredictionPromptPendulum.pdf
Prediction Prompt: Pulling Weight PredictionPromptPullingWeight.pdf
Prediction Prompt: Teacher Notes PredictionPromptsTeacherNotes.pdf
Prediction Prompt: Track Race PredictionPromptTrackRace.pdf
Scavenger Hunt ScavengerHuntActivitySheet.pdf
Scavenger Hunt - 1st Grade scavengerhunt1stgrade.pdf
Scavenger Hunt - 2nd Grade scavengerhunt2ndgrade.pdf
Scavenger Hunt - 3rd Grade A scavengerhunt3rdgradeA.pdf
Scavenger Hunt - 3rd Grade B scavengerhunt3rdgradeB.pdf
Scavenger Hunt - 4th Grade scavengerhunt4thgrade.pdf
Scavenger Hunt - 5th Grade scavengerhunt5thgrade.pdf
Scavenger Hunt - 6th Grade scavengerhunt6thgrade.pdf
Scavenger Hunt - 7th Grade scavengerhunt7thgrade.pdf
Scavenger Hunt - 8th Grade scavengerhunt8thgrade.pdf
Scavenger Hunt 2 ScavengerHuntActivitySheet2.pdf
Scavenger Hunt 2 Answers ScavengerHuntActivitySheet2ANSWERS.pdf
Scavenger Hunt Answers ScavengerHuntActivitySheetANSWERS.pdf
Vocabulary by Exhibit VocabularyByExhibitRegion.pdf