The Body Human


Explore ethical issues in scientific innovation through a series of provoking prompts. Discuss organ donation, human population, and genetic manipulation.

Cellular Exploration

Shrink to microscopic size to understand cellular structuring, chromosomes, and the nature of DNA.

Healthy Living

What are the major food groups? How many servings of fruits and vegetables does your body need each day? Climb the food pyramid to understand the components of a healthy diet. Learn the difference between processed and homemade foods and their nutritional values.

Journey through Life

Where does life come from? Investigate the nature of DNA and cells. Review reproductive systems on a life-sized scan of the human body. Test your senses and learn how your brain receives and interprets these signals.

Science Sleuth

Sharpen your forensic skills by solving a unique mystery crime. Work out clues on digestion and memory and problem solve your way to a solution.

The Body Human

Take a journey inside the human body from the cellular level through our ecosystems.  Delve into the fascinating world of biogenetics and explore the diversity of life on this planet.

You’re Unique

Can you roll your tongue? What color are your eyes? Do you have freckles? Your genetic makeup is unlike any other in this world. Don’t believe us? Compare yourself to thousands of other Museum guests to grasp just how unique you are.