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Explore a variety of inspiring art exhibitions at the Science Museum!

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Hands-on exhibits aren't the only way to learn about the science all around you! The Science Museum often hosts smaller exhibitions that explore STEM topics through art.

Here’s What’s Currently on Display at the Science Museum:

Fantastic Flora

The Fantastic Flora collection blends art, culture, history and science to explore the fantastic ways edible plants flourish in their environments. The visuals are detailed and interesting, and the information shared with each plant reminding us of our own place on a changing planet.

  • Level 1, in the café

BioArt: Finding Beauty in Research 

This striking exhibition features 30 pieces of award-winning art from a contest run by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. The imagery showcases the work of scientists and researchers studying bone development, fungal infections, the mechanics of hearing and cancer. Giving the public a look at unconventional beauty of the biological data offers a unique and creative perspective on the research process. 

  • Level 2
  • Closes May 2024
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STEM inspiration

Art is a powerful bridge to lead guests into a scientific topic.

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