Build a Better Parachute

Practice your engineering skills and help us design a better parachute!

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Ages 11-18 Ages 5-11
45 minutes
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Parachutes are used to slow an object’s fall through the air. Slowing the fall prevents the object from being damaged when it lands. Parachutes work because the material catches air, creating resistance – this is called drag. Most parachutes are made of a strong, lightweight material. The parachute strings help the parachute stay open and full of air, as well as attaching the object to the parachute.

Gather your supplies and your favorite small object and work with us to design a better parachute! We’ll practice our engineering skills as we work on this challenge together.

About Engineering Challenge Labs

Our engineering challenge labs are an opportunity for students to investigate scientific phenomena while working collaboratively to imagine, plan, create, test and improve on solutions to design challenges. Students will use their own creativity and real scientific tools to evaluate their creations.

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Build a Better Parachute is suitable for grades 2 – 7.

SOLs covered include:

  • 2nd Grade: 2
  • 3rd Grade: 1 and 2
  • 4th Grade: 1
  • 5th Grade: 1 and 3
  • Physical Science: 1
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