Green Science

Green Science

Green is good for everyone!

Throughout the Museum
Included with Admission
All Ages

Spark your sense of wonder by exploring several spaces that dig into energy and our environment.

From rain barrels and irrigation techniques to a green roof and pervious concrete, learn how aspects of the Museum’s campus help minimize the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, pesticides, and other pollutants entering Virginia’s waterways.

Stay current as you track the world’s energy consumption in real-time with our Watt Wall on Level 0.

Step outside to the BayScapes Garden to learn about using native plants in an environmentally sound landscaping method or visit the Pollinator Garden to learn about attracting birds, bees, moths, and other insects that help pollinate crops and trees.

And while you're outside, don't forget to visit the almost .2 mile-long ProtoPath, a pedestrian and bicycle path that connects the Scott’s Addition neighborhood to the Museum’s campus. The ProtoPath is lined with two dozen Virginia native trees and shrub species. Go for a little stroll to learn more about how planting natives can maximize ecosystem services to local flora and fauna!

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Guests enjoying the Watt Wall.

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