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Spinosaurus: Hell Heron of the Cretaceous?

Discover new clues uncovered by paleontologists in the mysterious case of the bird-like spine-lizard dinosaur.

May 12 at Noon

All Ages
60 minutes
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Thanks to some unusual anatomical features and a lack of complete skeletons, the huge and predatory North African dinosaur Spinosaurus has been somewhat enigmatic since its discovery.

Although long interpreted as a fish eater of some kind, recent finds have led to the hypothesis that this sail-backed giant was actively chasing after fish in the water. However, close examination of all the available information suggests instead that these animals acted more like giant (if flightless) herons or storks, patrolling the margins of water, both fishing and taking small animals on land.

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  • What: “Spinosaurus: Hell Heron of the Cretaceous?,” presented by Dr. David Hone, Senior Lecturer in Zoology at the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS), Queen Mary University of London
  • When: Wednesday, May 12, 12 - 12:45 pm
  • Where: Zoom meeting in the comfort of your home

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Spinosaurus: Hell Heron of the Cretaceous?
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