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Mental Health: Mind Matters

Mental Health: Mind Matters

An immersive touring exhibition that raises awareness about mental illness.

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The pain of mental illness is often invisible. Let’s make sure the answers are not.

Mental Health: Mind Matters is a touring exhibition that uses immersive experiences and multimedia activities to raise awareness about mental illness.

This exhibition is included with Museum admission and will be open February 6 – August 29, 2021. 

Mental Health: Mind Matters is sponsored locally by WestRock.

About the Exhibit

Mental Health: Mind Matters creates a safe space for important conversations about mental illness. Guests will explore how mental illness has been treated in the past. They’ll also have the opportunity to use innovative activities to put themselves in the shoes of people living with mental illness, and use full body activities to learn about healthy recognition and expression of emotions.

Mental illness can happen to anyone. Here in Virginia, the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Virginia estimates that between 1.1 and 1.5 million adults have any mental illness and about 102,000 children and adolescents have a serious emotional disturbance.

Mental illness touches all of our lives in some way, and yet it is often misunderstood. Although it is treatable, not everyone seeks help or is aware that help is available.  This is why being comfortable as a society talking about mental illness and mental health is an essential tool to raise awareness and develop empathy for people with mental illness.  

Mental Health: Mind Matters is designed to help guests learn and talk about a serious topic. If you would like more details about topics covered in the exhibition, click here.

Come Experience This Exhibition

Additional Programing

The Museum is excited to bring this important exhibition to its community and to contribute to the vitally important national conversation about mental health. The Museum will be offering companion programming throughout the exhibition period.

  • The Museum is hosting Community Connections, a regular Saturday event where local community partners will be onsite to share resources with guests. Click here for the Community Connections schedule.
  • Various Forge Workshops throughout the run of the exhibition will focus on mindfulness.
  • Each month during our weekly Lunch Break Science digital lecture series, the Museum will host a speaker who will present on a topic related to the exhibition. Click here for the Lunch Break Science schedule and check back often as speakers are added regularly.
  • The Museum will be producing many complementary blogs and videos to expand upon themes in the exhibit. Visit our blog and YouTube channel, or follow us on social (see icons at the bottom of the page) for all our latest content.
  • The Museum is hosting Creative Arts Therapies, an exhibit featuring local examples of the various ways the arts can be used for therapeutic purposes, such as singing, dancing, sculpting and painting. Creative Arts Therapies is open until August 15, 2021, and is located on Level 2.

And more! Check back here often as we will add programming information as details are finalized.

This exhibition and related programming can help make it OK to talk about mental health. Together we can build a better understanding of some of the most common mental illnesses, as well as a sense of empathy for the experiences of people living with them.

Mental Health Resources
Click for some helpful resources that may offer starting places for support.

Mental Health: Mind Matters was produced by the Science Museum of Minnesota with Heureka, The Finnish Science Centre and their partners, Ciencia Viva and Cite des Sciences & L’industrie. Special thanks to the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery for additional photos.