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Rat Basketball

She shoots, she scores!

Level 3
Included with Admission
All Ages
30 minutes

Our Rat Basketball team is currently on break. We'll train up a new team soon and resume the season. Check back for updates!

Once the team is back playing, come meet our players and learn about operant and classical conditioning as you watch two rats play basketball – no, we aren’t kidding. Check the daily schedule for demonstrations occurring during your visit.

The Museum uses classical and operant conditioning to train the rat players.

  • Classical conditioning is teaching the rats to respond to the buzzer used to in training. The buzzer sounds when the rat has done something correct
  • Operant conditioning is rewarding the rats for taking the correct action – during the game they get a treat for each basket.
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Whiskered players pick up a small plastic ball and put it through a basketball hoop.