Step Outside

Step Outside

The Museum’s exterior spaces showcase science and innovation, too!

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All Ages

There’s so much to do inside, you might forget about the great stuff we have outside, but don’t!

Step outside to appreciate the history of the Museum’s building, which extends back 100+ years ago when Broad Street Station opened as a vibrant, fully operational passenger train station. To celebrate the legacy of the site, and recognize the technological innovations involved with rail transportation, the Museum has several train cars sitting on the tracks for guests to view. Those include the luxurious Car ONE, a bright yellow Chessie System Caboose and a RF&P Kitchen Car.

See the world’s first aluminum submarine, the Aluminaut, developed by Richmond-based Reynolds Metals Co. Once you’ve docked, check out the Pollinator Garden to learn about attracting birds, bees, moths and other insects that help pollinate crops and trees using native plants.

Finally, head around front to check out Mary Morton Parsons Earth-Moon sculpture. At the time it was dedicated in 2003, the 29-ton solid granite globe of the Earth Kugel – that can be moved with your bare hands thanks to a jet of water – was the Guinness World Record-holder!

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Guest playing chess in the garner pavilllion.

What are people saying?

"The greatest children/adult experience I have had in a very long time."

Doug L., Google