Video Controllers for Humanity

Using Makey Makeys, students will create their own unique device.

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Ages 13-18
45 minutes
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Learn about circuitry and the design process through the creation of video game controllers. Using Makey Makeys, students build a device based on socially impactful and challenging parameters. No controller is complete until it’s been tested, so buckle down to evaluate your creation—all in the name of science! 

About Engineering Challenge Labs

Our Engineering Challenge Labs are an opportunity for students to investigate scientific phenomena while working collaboratively to imagine, plan, create, test, and improve on solutions to design challenges. Students will use their own creativity and real scientific tools to evaluate their creations.

Engineering Challenge Labs can be added to your group visit for an additional fee. Click here for pricing.

Video Controllers for Humanity Is Suitable for Grades 7 – 12

SOLs covered include:

  • Physical Science: 1
  • Physics: 1 and 8