Not only does inspiring Virginians extend past the Science Museum’s building and campus, it also isn’t limited to our home locality of Richmond. We are the Science Museum of Virginia, after all. Read on to learn about our family of science centers.

Danville Science Center.jpg

Danville Science Center

Our satellite location, the Danville Science Center, has been the Dan River Region’s educational and cultural anchor since 1995. Inspiring more than 50,000 guests each year, the Science Center offers guests the chance to explore STEM concepts and skills with interactive exhibits, hands-on activities, live demos, touring exhibitions, breathtaking Dome presentations and special events. The Science Center has recently completed a major refreshment of its core exhibitions. These new world-class, custom exhibitions are designed to give guests of all ages new chances to discover the STEM all around them.

Head to Danville
Rendering of what the outside of the Northern Virginia Science Center will look like. A sleek, modern building.

Northern Virginia Science Center

Just as a scientist’s quest for knowledge is never ending, our desire to expose all Virginians to the wonders of science is also an ongoing effort. With a projected ground breaking in 2024, the Northern Virginia Science Center will be the second satellite location of the Science Museum of Virginia. This partnership with the Children’s Science Center will create a place of thought leadership, engagement, enrichment, learning, creativity and fun. The Science Center will help spark, develop and grow an understanding and appreciation that science is everything and everything is science. This innovative and ambitious new model will build connections within the community, advance the relevancy of STEM and play a critical role in encouraging people to pursue STEM-related careers. Guests won’t simply see exhibits and galleries; they will see meaningful illustrations of why science matters.

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