Bringing the Museum Into Your Classroom

Digital Demos, sponsored by the Virginia Lottery, are live, virtual lessons that are highly interactive and designed to involve students in STEM through inquiry, hands-on activities, and demonstrations.

These workshops are designed for school audiences - in classroom or homeschool - and are aligned with the Virginia SOLs but are easily adjustable to fit the learning level of any group.

If you're interested in bringing your group to the Museum, check out our Field Trip Guide for all you can do while you're here!

Grant Funding Available
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Digital Demos range in length from 30-45 minutes.

  • Digital Demos are $150 per lesson for up to 90 students.
  • Demos are available Tuesday–Friday with start times at 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 2 p.m., or 3 p.m. Afterschool hours are available on request.

Review our menu of offerings below and be sure to check out our Group Information page for the nitty gritty about booking, technology requirements, and how to best prepare for your Digital Demo. 

Digital Demo Details
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Science Demonstrations

Max 90 Students

Engage with a Museum educator as you explore anatomy, chemistry, and physics! 

Experience Animal Lab live animal lab.
Amazing Animals

Have an up-close encounter with snakes, cockroaches, and rats. Find out what different animals need to survive in their environment. And come on, who doesn’t love animals?!

  • Grades: K – 7
  • SOLs: K: 6, 7 | 1st: 5 | 2nd: 4, 5 | 3rd: 4 | 4th: 2 | LS: 6, 7, 8, 11

Brain Dissection

Watch an educator dissect a sheep brain while learning its different parts and functions. This demo will really make you think about its role in the nervous system.

  • Grades: 5 – 12
  • SOLs: LS: 2 | BIO: 3 | PH: 6

Cow eye dissection preformed by a team member.
Cow Eye Dissection

You won’t believe your eyes! Watch an educator dissect a cow eye while explaining its different parts and functions. Learn about the eye-brain system by comparing human eyes to cow eyes.

  • Grades: 5 – 12
  • SOLs: LS: 2 | BIO: 3 | PH 6
Heart Dissection

How does your heart work? Watch an educator dissect a sheep heart while explaining its different parts and functions. You're going to love learning about the cardiovascular system.

  • Grades: 5 – 12
  • SOLs: LS: 2 and BIO: 3
Radical reactions as performed by a team member.
Radical Reactions

Discover chemistry at its coolest as we make fire and foam. Explore four types of chemical reactions to learn about acids and bases, and exothermic and endothermic reactions.

  • Grades: 6 – 12
  • SOLs: 6th: 5 | PS: 3 | CH: 5, 7
Woman with googles and blue safety gloves pouring water from a silver kettle into a blue tub of liquid nitrogen. It has created a large plume of steam that has spread throughout the space.
Supercool: Liquid Nitrogen

How do solids, liquids, and gases react to cold temperatures? Make predictions and observations as pennies shatter, balloons shrink, and plants crumble.

  • Grades: 2 – 8
  • SOLs:  2nd: 3 | 5th: 7 | 6th: 5, 6, 7 | PS: 2, 5

Hands-On Engineering Challenges

Max 30 Students

Have fun with a Museum educator as we investigate scientific phenomena while working collaboratively to imagine, plan, create, test, and improve upon solutions to design challenges. We’ll send you a list of common materials you will need to have ready before the lesson. We will engage your group during the lesson as they experiment together. 

Build a Better Parachute

Gather your supplies and your favorite small object, and work with us to design a better parachute. We’ll leap into this challenge together and let our engineering skills soar.

  • Grades:  2 – 7
  • SOLs: 2nd: 2 | 3rd: 1, 2 | 4th: 1 | 5th: 1, 3 | PS: 1

Forces of Flight

Discover the fun of scientific investigation! Explore the four forces of flight by designing a paper airplane. Don't wing it: see if your gliding machine can hover in our vertical wind tunnel.

  • Grades: K – 7
  • SOLs: 1st: 1, 2 | 3rd: 1, 2 | 4th: 1 | 5th: 1, 3 | PS: 1

Presented by: Virginia Lottery

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Girls doing a glowing experiment.