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From experiential exhibitions to in-depth live demos to fun videos on social media, the Science Museum of Virginia looks for opportunities to encourage all Virginians to enrich their lives through science. The Science Museum is a catalyst for inspiration, a place that sparks curiosity, encourages discovery and generates ideas in science, technology, engineering and math.

Whether you’re a thinker, tinkerer, creative or full-on science geek, the Science Museum has something for people of all ages. Helping curious minds discover the connections between – and their connection to – STEM guides Science Museum staff in all they do. Science is all around us and discoveries are limitless. We’re simply a gateway to that universe!

The 223,000-square-foot building features hands-on exhibitions about wellness, innovation and physical sciences – to name a few – that let you see if you’re faster than a rat, can beat a robot playing air hockey, know how much water it takes to make a cheeseburger and can groove to the beat. Three lab spaces – eco, animal and art – let guests interact with science in unexpected ways. Two makerspaces harness the power of the maker movement, celebrate innovation, and let guests roll up their sleeves to create. The Science Museum also hosts thought-provoking touring exhibitions from around the world, offering a deep dive into interesting and entertaining STEM topics.

At nearly a quarter of an acre, The Dome is the largest screen in Richmond. Whether you’re traveling through America's national parks, plunging into the ocean with great white sharks, hunting for dark matter at a particle physics laboratory or traveling to the cosmos in search of the new ninth planet, The Dome provides the ultimate "you are there" film experience.

Science isn’t contained within the building’s walls! The Science Museum’s campus is packed with native pollinator plants, natural stormwater retention systems, multiple train cars, a 29-ton granite globe, an 80-ton aluminum submarine and more. In addition, science lovers anywhere in the world can enjoy the compelling, informative and quirky videos and digital content the Science Museum creates to help viewers connect to science in their daily lives.

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