Member-Only Open Making Time FAQs

How many people can take part in open making?

There is a cap of 15 participants per time slot during open making to maintain proper social distancing.

Will the open making hourly schedule change?

Open making will only take place on Sundays, initially. Members are asked to register for a spot in open making. Learn how here.

What safety precautions are being utilized in The Forge during open making?

Tables are spread six or more feet apart, all tools and surfaces are cleaned after each use, participation is limited to maintain physical distance, and all guests/facilitators are required to wear face masks in the space. There are also be periodic space closures for deeper cleaning.

Can I use anything in The Forge during this time?

Yes! However, for major equipment like the table saw, band saw, chop saw, etc., an 18 year old age restriction and certification process is required before solo use of the machines may occur.

Will The Forge supply all the materials I need for my personal projects?

While The Forge has great tools, machines, and facilitators available at all times, we cannot guarantee the availability of supplies for personal projects. Makers should come prepared with any specific components they may need for their projects. We’re happy to recommend sources for wood, electronic components, etc. if needed.

Is there an age restriction for participation in open making hours?

  • We want families to experience The Forge together and don’t want to limit open making time to those without young children. To that end, we have activities (marble run, maker challenges, circuit blocks) that younger learners can explore while older siblings and/or parents work on personal projects.
  • All power tools (drills, Dremels, etc.) and sharp implements (saws, utility knives, etc.) are limited to those 11 years old and up. Other tools will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • All machine shop equipment (table saw, band saw, etc.) are limited to those 18 years old and up for solo use, or 15 and up with direct adult supervision from a parent/guardian.

Do I have to sign up to reserve space in open making time?

  • Yes. Learn how here.
  • Machine reservation will be done on a first come, first served basis. If a member does not show up for their scheduled machine-use time, the equipment can be used by the next interested guest.
  • Certain tools and equipment may be in high demand and not available upon your arrival in The Forge. For instance, we only have one laser cutter that may already be in use. Contact the Museum Maker Team with any equipment questions or reservation requests.    

Can I bring a guest/friend?

Sure! As long as that guest either pays for museum admission or is counted under your membership, they are welcome to join your making session in The Forge. However, to use the machine shop equipment, the guest would still have to be a museum member and have met the age and certification requirements.

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