Form Over Function: Selections from the Bridges Conference

Featuring mind-bending, math-inspired works of art!

Level 3 Lobby
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All Ages
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Mathematical principles provide the foundation for artistic expression. Explore fascinating examples of math-inspired art in Form Over Function.

This mind-bending exhibition features 15 sculptural objects. Each item expresses a math concept, such as geometry, symmetry, dimensionality, tessellation, Villarceau circles, and the Fibonacci sequence. Develop a new appreciation for artistic expression and complex concepts.

We'll sum it up for you: this exhibition is small but will make a big impact by enriching the learning experience for both future mathematicians and seasoned pros.

The Bridges Organization fosters research, practice and interest in mathematical connections to art, music, architecture and culture—culminating in the interdisciplinary annual Bridges Conference. To learn more about the Bridges Organization and Conference, visit

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Two guests looking at art in the Form over Function exhibition.

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