Promote skill development and exploratory learning in young scientists with fun, hands-on STEM activities.

Level 0
Included with Admission
5 and under

LightPlace is a bright experience for our youngest scientists. This exhibition promotes skill development and exploratory learning in children 5 and under with fun, preschool-sized hands-on activities.

Encourage your child to play, explore, discover and learn through direct experience and problem solving. The exhibition offers tools to advance environmental awareness, motor skills, sensory perception, object identification and introductory reading and math activities. Multi-sensory activities support developmental milestones that cultivate learning skill sets and science, technology, engineering and math concepts.

The exhibition helps build confidence in preschool-age learners as they develop new skills and empowers caregivers to engage curious children. By experiencing the space together, it reminds guests of all ages that science is all around us.

Don't miss Early ExpLORE programming!

Designed for the young scientists in LightPlace, Early ExpLORE programs are short, live-action offerings that bring a science story to life through entertaining costumes, dances, characters and more. Check the daily schedule for upcoming programs.

LightPlace will be closed on June 11.

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A child playing at a table in Light Place.

What are people saying?

"Probably the best hands-on museum I've ever seen. Great for all ages. Clean, cool on a hot day. Staff and volunteers were informative. Love the Speed exhibit and toddler area. Will be back!"

Betsy L., Facebook

"My 4 year old says it's his 'most favorite place ever'."

Asher S., Google