Living Worlds

Journey through space and time to examine life as an essential quality of our home planet.

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Whether Earthly or Alien, All Life Leaves a Trace.

Journey through space and time to examine life as an essential quality of our home planet. Discover what makes Earth liveable, where it could be found elsewhere in the cosmos and what new technologies we might use to find it.

Narrator Daveed Diggs takes you on an exploration of the co-evolution of life and our planet, revealing the ways in which life has transformed Earth’s surface and atmosphere over billions of years. Along the way, you’ll see how light and color can help us spot a living world, even from great distances.

As we ponder what forms life might take in the Solar System and beyond, Living Worlds encourages us to consider how a deeper understanding of our own planet can aid in the search for life across the cosmos, and to reflect on ways we can partner with our living world to ensure our continued survival.

Living Worlds was created by the California Academy of Sciences.

*Please check our hours and schedule to confirm availability before your visit.

This feature will be available for booking September 6.

Book your group adventure and have your class see Living Worlds on our 76-foot Dome screen! With discounted group rates, groups have the opportunity to schedule exclusive featured shows on Virginia’s largest movie screen.

Groups can add a Dome feature to their visit for just $4 per person. Click here to learn more about our Group Visit Policies.

This feature is recommended for grades 4–12 and corresponds with the following SOLs:

  • 4th Grade: 1, 3, 5 and 7
  • 5th Grade: 1 and 6
  • 6th Grade: 1, 2 and 4
  • Life Science: 3, 4 and 5
  • Physical Science: 7
  • Biology: 2
  • Earth Science: 2 and 3
  • Physics: 5 and 6

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