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Plants and their Pollinators

Explore parts a plant's anatomy and identify local pollinators.

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Science Lab
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Ages 5-11
45 minutes
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What role do pollinators play with plant reproduction and what happens if they disappear? Explore parts of plant anatomy as we identify local pollinators and examine their importance in our ecosystem.

About Group Workshops

Group Workshops provide students with an opportunity to investigate a scientific phenomenon facilitated by a Museum educator.

Plants and their Pollinators can be added to your group visit for an additional fee. Click here for pricing.

Currently Unavailable for Booking

While we’re not able to offer this programming now, it’s still in our repertoire. Once we can welcome groups back to the Museum again, we will make this available for booking.

Plants and their Pollinators is suitable for grades 3 – 5.

SOLs covered in this workshop include:

  • 4th Grade: 1 and 2