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General Membership Info

How long is a membership valid?

Memberships will expire on the last day of the month, one year from date of purchase.

What exactly does membership give me free or unlimited admission to?

Membership gives you free, unlimited access to permanent exhibitions, The Forge, labs, demos and touring exhibitions. Free, unlimited admission benefits do not include The Dome (unless you are an Infinite member).

When I purchase a membership, how long will it take to receive my digital membership card, Dome passes and guest passes?

After you join or renew your membership, you will receive an email with your digital membership card attached that you can print or download to your smartphone device with Apple Wallet. Your guest passes and Dome passes are digital and will automatically upload to your account.

How many one-time use guest exhibition and Dome passes do I get?

Star & Star Infinite Levels:

  • 2 Guest Passes
  • 2 Dome Passes

Pulsar & Pulsar Infinite Levels:

  • 2 Guest Passes
  • 2 Dome Passes

Supernova & Supernova Infinite Levels:

  • 4 Guest Passes
  • 4 Dome Passes

Galaxy & Galaxy Infinite Levels:

  • 6 Guest Passes
  • 6 Dome Passes

Museums for All Level:

  • 4 Guest Passes
  • 4 Dome Passes

*Beginning January 1, 2024, after using all complimentary guest passes, you can purchase additional guest passes at $10 each, limited to 6 per membership cycle. Dome passes not included. Members may purchase guest passes in person or by calling 804.864.1400.

If I renew my membership early, will I lose any time?

No. We will just add another year to your current expiration date.

I recently upgraded my membership. Why did my expiration date stay the same?

When upgrading, you pay the difference between your current and new membership level, and your expiration date remains the same. If your renewal date is approaching, you may choose to both renew and upgrade early, which will extend your expiration date for one full year. Once your upgrade is complete, your upgraded membership benefits will be effective immediately.

How do I make changes to my membership, such as add or change my family members, my address, phone number or email?

For your convenience, we have two ways to make changes, additions or updates to your information:

How do I replace a lost or stolen membership card?

Email [email protected] or call 804.864.1449.

Please note: we can look up your membership account using your photo ID so you are able to visit even if you do not have your membership card handy.

May I receive a refund on my membership?

All memberships are final sale and non refundable or transferable.

May I give my membership to someone else like my relatives or neighbors?

No. Museum memberships are not transferable and benefits are exclusively for the individuals listed on that membership. You can purchase an additional membership to give as a gift or share your guest passes.

Is my membership tax deductible?

As a general rule, a membership payment is only tax deductible to the extent it exceeds the value of the benefits provided in exchange. We estimate that the membership benefits provided at the Star, Pulsar, Supernova and Galaxy membership levels exceed the cost of the membership. As a result, those membership purchases are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Is my Supporting membership tax deductible?

The full amount of a Supporting membership is tax deductible since additional passes and benefits are not included with the membership. For more information, please contact our Foundation team at [email protected].

Why is the Supernova level only for up to three children?

We periodically review our membership structure, and during the 2023 review, we decided we needed a level that better suited larger families, which is the Galaxy level. To facilitate that change, we needed to adjust the number of children on the Supernova level.

Why did the price of the Galaxy level increase by $10?

In May 2023, the price of the Galaxy level changed to reflect the new larger-family structure while keeping the level equal to approximately 2-3 visits to the Science Museum, which is where we like it.

My Galaxy membership covers three adults. What if I don’t have a third adult to add?

You are not required to name a third adult, but you have that option if you would like to put a grandparent, nanny, babysitter or someone else on the membership account. To add an adult to the membership, please email [email protected] with the change so we can update your record accordingly. As a reminder, memberships are not transferable. Only the three adults listed on the membership may use the benefits listed on that membership

Why was I upgraded to the Galaxy level when I don’t have more than three kids?

It sounds like we may need to verify the membership information we have on file for you. Please email [email protected] so we can update your record accordingly.

Will 2023 membership changes impact the ASTC reciprocal membership?

Yes, the ASTC benefit for those who wish to visit from reciprocal organizations is valid for two adults and up to three children in the household under 18.

Visiting the Museum as a member

If I want to become a member after my initial visit to the Science Museum, can the price of admission be applied to the cost of a new membership?

Yes! You may apply the cost of regular Science Museum admission to a new membership within two weeks of your visit date. Please bring your original sales receipt to Guest Services or call 804.864.1400 and they will be happy to assist you. The cost of Dome tickets and tickets for select touring exhibitions cannot be applied.

Can I visit the Science Museum before my membership card arrives?

Yes! Simply bring a photo ID and your membership purchase confirmation email to Guest Services and a team member will assist you.

Can I see unlimited features in The Dome?

Members can add Infinite Dome to any membership level (Star, Pulsar, Supernova and Galaxy) for an additional $50. This includes Giant Screen Movies, Cosmic Expeditions and Science After Dark Dome features.

Are my digital Dome and guest passes good for multiple use?

No. All digital Dome passes and digital guest passes are valid for one time use only. Guest passes must be redeemed in person or online, and are only valid for regular admission. Guest pass holders receive a member discount on touring exhibitions with an additional charge.

May I use my membership card to bring a school group to the Science Museum?

No. Membership admission cannot be used for school or other types of groups. Only those adults and children named on your membership are permitted to use the membership benefits, such as free admission. Individual membership guest passes and other discounts are not valid toward group admission fees.

If I come with a school group that is participating in special demos, can I join that group?

No. Paid group demos are not part of a member benefit. If you use your membership to check-in separately from a group, you may not attend the group-only demo.

What is an ASTC Museum and how does the Travel Passport Program work?

The Science Museum of Virginia is an accredited member of the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC). Museum members receive free or discounted general admission to our network of more than 300 member museums all over the world. Click here for the list of all participating museums.

Can the Travel Passport Program be used at any ASTC Museum?

The ASTC Travel Passport Program excludes organizations within a 90-mile radius of the visitors member science center or residence. This distance is measured “as the crow flies,” meaning that it is based on the linear radius, not driving distance. Prior to your visit, please contact the science center/museum you are visiting directly to ensure it is not excluded from the ASTC benefits.

Membership Communication

If we have up to three adults named on our membership, who will receive official communications from the Science Museum?

The primary named member will receive all print/digital mail from the Science Museum, including membership renewal letters, monthly member e-newsletters and quarterly mailers. All other named adult members on a membership will receive electronic communications only if we have an email listed for them on the membership account. Please email [email protected] to add additional emails to the membership account.

What is included in the monthly member e-newsletter?

The monthly member e-newsletter includes updates on exhibitions, programs, events, exclusive offers, partner promotions, at-home activities and much more.

I recently mailed in my renewal notice with payment, but then received another notice in the mail. Did you receive my payment?

It is likely that your payment and our renewal mailing crossed in the mail. It takes up to two weeks to receive and process a renewal payment by mail. If you sent in your payment, please disregard the second notice.

Gift Memberships

May I purchase a membership as a gift?

Yes! There are three ways to purchase a gift membership.

  1. Online
  2. By phone at 804.864.1449
  3. In person at Guest Services

May I purchase a membership for my business or employees?

The Science Museum welcomes your corporate support. To learn more about corporate membership benefits, contact Kaitlin Rogers at [email protected] or 804.864.1449.

What is included with a gift membership?

Gift memberships come with the same amazing benefits as other Science Museum memberships, including guest passes, Dome passes, discounts in the café and gift shop, special programming and more! Plus, gift memberships include a digital membership card, and digital Dome and guest passes are automatically applied to the membership at the time of purchase.

When will the gift membership activate?

The recipient determines when their benefits begin by activating the membership online or by contacting our membership team at 804.864.1449 or [email protected]. The member will need the gift voucher code in order to activate their membership.

How do you activate a gift membership?

Your gift voucher code acts like a gift card on our website. Membership benefits will begin when activated. To activate your membership online, note the membership level of your gift, then:

  • Go to the Membership page.
  • Click Join or Renew Now.
  • Select your membership level, enter your member details, add to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • At the checkout page, choose “Apply a gift card” as your payment and enter the gift voucher code.

When does a gift membership expire?

Gift memberships expire on the last day of the month, one year from date of purchase. For example, if you purchased a membership on May 12, 2023, it will expire on May 31, 2024.

How long will it take the gift recipient to receive a digital membership card?

Digital membership cards are emailed to the gift recipient at the time of activation.

Can I get the gift membership mailed to me?

Yes. Gift memberships will be emailed to the buyer immediately with instructions on how to send the recipient their gift membership.

Can the gift recipient upgrade the membership after I present it to them?

Absolutely! They may upgrade in person at Guest Services or by calling 804.864.1449.

Got more questions? Reach out to us.