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There Is Lots of Science to Discover in Your Backyard!

Learn about wind, animals, plants, and so much more in our collection of nature-inspired STEM activities.

Animal Tracks

You don’t have to see an animal to know it was there...just look for the tracks.

Bark and Leaf Rub

Creating a record of the leaves and trees lets you take a piece of the forest with you.

Bugs and Slugs

If you look carefully, you can see that invertebrates are all around us. 

Habitat Hunt

See if you can engineer a strong home using the same materials and techniques as birds.

Life of a Squirrel

Some animals make a daily appearance, even in the busiest of places. 

Nature Journal

Creating a nature journal is a great way to record what you see outside as the seasons change.

Sand Castle Shapes

Explore the composition of sand and what you can build with the interesting substance.

Windfall Collection

Explore a powerful natural force that has numerous helpful characteristics. 

Keep Exploring

Try out even more fun activities at home!