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Camp Out and Discover Some Amazing Science

What type of camp does the sun go to? Day camp!

Experiment with some of our Summer Camp activities from your home! Camp out and try one of our fun and engaging PDFs linked below.

Bugging Out!

Learn how to simulate the chorus of chirps and trills from a summer insect orchestra.

Makers on a Mission

These activities let you give trash and recyclables a second life by turning them into useful items.

Mission to Mars

Pack for space, and see if you can build items you'll need to get and stay there.

Ocean Explorers

WATER you waiting for?! Check out ways to experiment with water temperature and salinity. 

Music Makers

Sounds like you'll have lots of fun with this music-related STEM activity. 

Mystery at the Museum

Learn all about fingerprinting and build your own kit to help trace fingerprints back to their owner.

Keep Exploring

Try out even more fun activities at home!