The Science Museum of Virginia is a state-supported agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is part of the Education Secretariat, which provides guidance to seven arts and cultural institutions in addition to Virginia’s public colleges, universities and research centers. 

The Science Museum receives guidance and generous support from organizations and community leaders. Our Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor of Virginia, provide oversight and policy guidance. The Science Museum of Virginia Foundation, a non-profit corporation, raises funds to support the Science Museum’s mission, operations and to meet capital needs.

Leadership Team

Richard Conti
Chief Wonder Officer

Ash Harris
Chief Operating Officer

Courtney Moyer
Communications and Curiosity Director

Timshel Purdum 
Virginia C. Ellett Director of Education

Brandon Smith
Technology and Innovation Director

Steve Teacher
Facilities and Possibilities Director

Kinsey Peeler
Executive Director
Science Museum of Virginia Foundation

Board of Trustees

Girls performing and experiment with water. and pipets.

Science Museum of Virginia Foundation Board

Digital design wall outside of The Forge.