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Animal Kingdom Opening Weekend

A grand opening exploration of six of the most fascinating families of the animal kingdom!

The Dome
Additional Ticket Required
All Ages
45 minutes
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The Science Museum is debuting the new giant screen film Animal Kingdom: A Tale of Six Families in June and to celebrate, we’re going on a wild adventure! On opening weekend June 1 and 2, our other Dome films are migrating back to the library to let this one nature documentary rule the roost. We aren’t lion: the six mightiest animal families are inhabiting The Dome all weekend!

On Saturday, June 1, and Sunday, June 2, Animal Kingdom will be the only feature showing in The Dome. This gives guests numerous opportunities to dive in to the fun and educational film.

Animal Kingdom introduces viewers to the spectacular creatures that keep the planet ticking and showcases how humans can protect the extraordinary kingdom in which they exist. Take flight with the family of the birds who rule the skies, get busy with the insects who work hard behind the scenes, dive into oceans to meet fish families, open your eyes to the cold blooded world of the reptiles and amphibians and get moving with the magnificent mammals.

Animal Kingdom is produced by Definition Films and distributed by K2 Studios. It was released in 2022 and runs for approximately 45 minutes.

Guests will be able to reserve their seat for an Animal Kingdom opening-weekend showing beginning in May. Dome features require an additional ticket that can be added to a Science Museum admission purchase.