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Scientific Method

Put your observation and prediction skills to the test!

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Ages 5-11
30 minutes
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Put your observations and prediction skills to the test as we go step by step through an exciting science experiment. What can we learn and what could we do differently next time?

About Group Demonstrations

Demonstrations are explorations where participants watch and engage with a Museum educator who showcases amazing scientific experiments to guests.

Scientific Method can be added to your group visit for an additional fee. Click here for pricing.

Scientific Method is Suitable for Grades K – 6

SOLs covered in this demonstration include:

  • Kindergarten: 1
  • 1st Grade: 1
  • 2nd Grade: 1
  • 3rd Grade: 1
  • 4th Grade: 1
  • 5th Grade: 1
  • 6th Grade: 1
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