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Supercool: Liquid Nitrogen Demo

Watch us perform some amazing science tricks with liquid nitrogen.

Additional Fee
Ages 11–18 Ages 5–11
30 minutes
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How do solids, liquids, and gases react to super cold temperatures? Make predictions and observations as pennies shatter, balloons shrink, and plants crumble before your eyes.

About Group Demonstrations

Demonstrations are explorations where participants watch and engage with a Museum educator who showcases amazing scientific experiments to guests.

Supercool: Liquid Nitrogen can be added to your group visit for an additional fee. Click here for pricing.

This Demonstration Is Also Available as a Digital Demo

Connect with one of our educators today! Bring the Museum to you with a live, virtual demonstration!

Supercool is suitable for grades 2 – 8.

SOLs covered in this demonstration include:

  • 2nd Grade: 3
  • 5th Grade: 7
  • 6th Grade: 5, 6 and 7
  • Physical Science: 2 and 5
Children watching the supercool demo with awe as liquid nitrogen escapes from a green bucket.