Complete the form below and a member of The MiX team will contact you regarding membership. But first! Read The MiX Code of Conduct and be sure you can comply before completing your membership form.

MiX Code of Conduct

The MiX strives to provide a safe, inclusive and relaxed atmosphere in which members can explore their creativity freely. By signing up, you agree to abide by the following rules and expectations:

MiX Rules

  • I will respect a person's personal and physical boundaries
  • I will not use profanity or discriminatory language
  • I will not disrupt or discourage another person's creative expression
  • I will not purposefully destroy or vandalize any property of the Museum, The MiX, or other members
  • I will not steal or engage in any illegal activity, including possession or use of narcotics or weapons

MiX Expectations

  • I will be receptive to and acknowledge MiX Mentor instruction
  • I will keep The MiX clean by picking up after myself
  • I will use headphones if I choose to play something with sound so that it does not disturb others
  • I will adhere to the Museum's Internet Safety Guidelines

MiX Membership Form

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The MiX may use photographs, digital images, video or audio tapes of my child for the purpose of illustration, advertising, trade or publication in any manner on behalf of the Science Museum of Virginia.

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I give permission for my child to become a member of The MiX and to participate in activities associated with The MiX.

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