Apply to Our Internship Program!

Are you someone who loves to engage with people and facilitate learning? Do you like designing, creating, and working with a wide variety of mediums? Then apply to be one of our interns and come join our team of creative, passionate, and (sometimes) quirky employees!

As an intern, you will learn the methods and theory behind inquiry-based learning and teaching in an informal science setting. You will be trained in key skills for careers in teaching, museums, or the nonprofit world. Come learn informal education techniques, program development, and how a museum operates. In addition, interns help participate in daily Science Museum activities.

  • Internships are an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom and facilitate the Science Museum's mission to inspire Virginians to enrich their lives through science.
  • Internships are pre-arranged, structured learning experiences generally targeted toward a specific project.
  • Internship time commitments are generally 20–30 hours per week for a period of 8–12 weeks. If you will be receiving school credit for your internship, your specific program will determine the required hours and schedule.
  • Internship opportunities are seasonal, and positions are open to college and graduate students and career changers.

There are no available internship positions at this time.

Should you have any questions please reach out to Laura Brady, Volunteer Coordinator,

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