Astronaut: Ocean to Orbit

Dive into the underwater world of spacewalk training. 

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Experience What Life Is like as an Astronaut through a Fascinating Look into the High-Tech World of Training.

Long before astronauts travel to space, they must train here on Earth. How do you simulate spacewalks and microgravity while still on this planet? Go underwater! Astronaut: Ocean to Orbit reveals the high-tech ways NASA uses subaquatic environments to mimic life and work in space. Join International Space Station Commander Chris Cassidy as he trains in a giant underwater facility in Houston, and dive to the seafloor with astronaut Jeanette Epps as she lives underwater for ten continuous days at Aquarius Reef Base in Florida.

Directed by Jonathan Bird. Produced by Art Cohen and Jonathan Bird. Narrated by Mike Casey. Presented by MacGillivray Freeman Films.

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