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Waiting is the hardest part, but it will be worth it so mark your calendar for these future thought-provoking exhibitions!

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You don't have to travel the world to explore thought-provoking, award-winning, and one-of-a-kind exhibitions—we bring them to you. The Museum hosts several touring exhibitions from around the world each year about a variety of STEM topics. Here's a sneak peek at what's heading our way in the future. The hardest part is waiting for these riveting exhibitions to get here!

Anatomical image of a human running for the exhibition BODY WORLDS The Anatomy of Happiness

BODY WORLDS: The Anatomy of Happiness
May 25–September 2, 2024

Happiness has an impact on our mind and body, influencing our movements, perceptions, sensations, mood and more. Through dozens of human specimens called plastinates, explore how anatomy is involved in happiness and how positive or negative emotions can affect health. Discover the complexity, resilience and vulnerability of what lies beneath the skin.

"BODY WORLDS: The Anatomy of Happiness" was created by Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS & Institute for Plastination. Extra ticket required.

Guests enjoy interactive snowboard in the touring exhibition MathAlive!

September 28, 2024–January 12, 2025

Discover the fascinating ways math shapes music, sports, movies, games and more in MathAlive! Hear from a diverse range of personalities, from skateboarders to computer scientists, as they reveal how they leverage mathematics to enhance their abilities. Immerse yourself in a thrilling 3D snowboard race where strategic board angles help you to win, dive into step sequencing for robots, navigate the realm of probability and statistics in cyber security, unveil the influence of fractions on music, master data like a meteorologist to understand extreme weather, dissect photography angles and uncover geometric marvels in nature's patterns. Designed for future mathematicians aged 6–14, MathAlive! is a fun and memorable experience that will make your Science Museum visit count!

MathAlive! is presented by Raytheon and produced by Evergreen Exhibitions in collaboration with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, MATHCOUNTS, National Society of Professional Engineers, Society of Women Engineers and MathMovesU.

Decorative Towers of Tomorrow with LEGOS® Bricks

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGOS® Bricks

February 1–August 25, 2025

Let your imagination run wild in this hands-on exhibition showcasing STEM, architecture and design. Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks features 20 of the world's most innovative skyscrapers from North America, Asia and Australia built in awe-inspiring architectural detail by Ryan McNaught. McNaught is one of only twelve LEGO®-certified professionals worldwide. His award-winning team of builders utilized more than half a million LEGO® bricks and devoted more than 2,000 hours to building the towers featured in the exhibition. You'll be inspired to create your own “towers of tomorrow” with 200,000 loose LEGO® bricks available in the interactive construction areas. The possibilities are endless!

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks is a traveling exhibition produced by Sydney Living Museums and toured internationally by Flying Fish.

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